textX projects scaffolding


startpoject command is provided by textX-dev project. You have to either install this project or install textX optional dev dependencies with pip install textX[dev].

In case you are developing many textX languages and generators and would like to do some organization we have provided a textX command startproject that will generate either a language or a generator project with all necessary project files to get you started quickly.

To scaffold a project just run:

textx startproject <folder>

You will be asked several questions and then the project will be generated in the given folder. After that you can:

pip install -e <folder>

to install your project in development mode.

Your language/generator will be registered in the project setup.cfg file and visible to textX which you can verify with:

textx list-languages

for language project or

textx list-generators

for generator project.

Answers to questions are cached in your home folder so the next time you run scaffolding you don't have to type all the answers. If the default provided answer is OK just press Enter.


Check the textX registration and discovery for details on list-generators and list-languages commands and recommended naming for language/generator textX projects.